photography & art



You found me! or I found you. I don*t know… but you are HERE. I think you know that I take photos…. by now. I love taking photos, dammit. Whether it is with an iPhone, film camera, or DSLR…. I stay snappin’. hahah.

Photography is a BIG part of my life… it pays my bills, it makes my day, it constantly reminds me… that life is fucking cute and I should slow down. Appreciate what is in front of me.

If I am not taking photos…. I am watering my plants, making a matcha latte at home, chasing sunsets, at a coffee shop looking like a hot mess, practicing calligraphy, or in a mercado in Mexico eating the best tacos.

I am about Experience + being passionate in what I do. If you connected with ME… my work, my calligraphy, my headpieces, or whatever you see. Hollah! Chances are we are into the same aesthetic. Chances are we will get along.

So send me a message. Let me get that good side of yours. Let*s create something!

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